About nigelball.tech

For the last couple of years I have been operating as a sole trader meaning that I have done many of the tasks that would have been delegated in the past. This is at once fun, onerous and challenging. I have relearned old skills, learned new skills and rediscovered the joys of personal creation.

Last year I learned about the advantages of a “Single Page Application” affectionately called an SPA. I set out to create my own SPA to assist with the retail marketing of a health related product in which I have an interest. After two rounds of major refactoring, I achieved all my goals with my absolute favorite pastime — elegant programming.

That work was built on the shoulders of Open Source Software (OSS), and the gerousity of many programmers and designers who freely shared their ideas, experience and adventures online.

It also rekindled a passion for implementing leading edge technology based solutions for sole traders and SMEs.

This site is an indulgence — a place where I can document & share the technical and business implications of my day to day adventures & discoveries.

Much of what will appear here will be have been useful and/or interesting to me directly.

I trust you might find it interesting. If you think this is possible feel free to follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn