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I have impressed myself this year by actually adopting and adhering to an inbox-zero way of life since March 1. You might not be overly impressed with this achievement until I ‘fess up to having over 34,000 unread emails in my various inboxes when I embarked on the practice!

However, please take into account two facts of life …

  • Email is not a guaranteed delivery system and messages very often are not delivered
  • I do not consider any email sent to or by me to be urgent enough to be read on arrival! So your email will be read when it suits me (often sometime about midnight on the day you sent it)

On the other hand the internet has gifted us ‘instant messaging’ in many forms. So a SMS, iMessage or WhatsApp will be announced on arrival and will most likely be seen and responded to in a relatively short timeframe.

It therefore stands to reason that if you do want me to treat an email as urgent, tell me by IM.

I can be contacted by phone or IM at +61 0433 090 887